Mission, Values and Vision


InceptionLRT v2 is focused on bringing together the EigenLayer restaking ecosystem via a user-centric platform that simplifies and improves the restaking process. We are committed to overcoming liquidity fragmentation within Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) solutions, delivering a seamless and efficient user experience. Furthermore, we intend to maintain the greatest levels of security and user safety by incorporating cutting-edge technologies.


Core Principles Guiding InceptionLRT:

  • Simplicity and Usability: We make certain that our platform is straightforward and accessible, making it simple for everyone to use, from novice participants to seasoned Defi users.

  • Decentralization: By leveraging a varied range of node operators via SSV Network's Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) and developing the first validators' direct service provider opt-in solution, we improve the decentralization of our operations.

  • Security and confidence: We prioritize strong safeguards to secure user assets and maintain confidence across the platform.

  • Community Empowerment: We actively involve our users in the platform's governance and strategic direction, encouraging a community-driven growth process.

  • Innovation: Our team is dedicated to continuous development, regularly offering new features and upgrades to better our users' DeFi experience.


Setting the Standard for Liquid Restaking

  • Leadership in Liquid Restaking: InceptionLRT v2 strives to be the premier platform for liquid restaking by always developing and adapting to meet the changing demands of the DeFi community.

  • Expanding Accessibility and Efficiency: We intend to increase the ecosystem's accessibility and operational efficiency by deploying native tokens on EVM-compatible chains, which will cut costs and streamline user interactions.

  • Empowering Users: Our aim includes allowing our users to directly influence the platform's development. We hope to maximize their investment returns and strategic involvement in the platform by implementing cutting-edge technology such as our AI-driven selection methodology.

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