While some stakers may be interested in participating in EigenLayer, they might not want to handle the software containers of services themselves.

EigenLayer provides a solution for these stakers by allowing them to delegate EigenLayer operations to operators. These operators undertake the responsibility of running Actively Validated Service (AVS) software modules on behalf of the stakers.

Stakers make their decisions to delegate to operators based on several factors:

1. Trustworthiness of the operator: Stakers need to conduct thorough due diligence on operators before entrusting their stake to them. If the delegated operator fails to fulfill its obligations within the services it engages in, the staker's assets become susceptible to penalties.

2. Rewards: Stakers may opt to delegate to operators who offer the highest rewards on their delegated stake.

3. Service preferences: Stakers might have preferences for specific services based on their personal interests, risk assessments regarding penalties, or potential rewards. Consequently, they may choose to delegate their stake exclusively to operators who have opted into those particular services.

For those stakers who prefer a trust-minimized approach, they always have the flexibility to act as their own operator.

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