What are Totems?

Totems aim to provide tangible rewards to users who are actively involved on the platform. They represent a user's participation in the InceptionLRT ecosystem and can be used to obtain exclusive rewards and incentives.

How can I earn Totems?

Totems can be earned through any type of restaking on InceptionLRT, providing liquidity via DeFi Integrations, and taking part in our referral program.

Is there a minimum amount I need to restake to be eligible to receive Totems?

No, any amount of restaked ETH or LSTs will earn Totems.

How is the daily number of Totems Calculated?

The amount of ETH you restake determines how many Totems you receive each day. For instance, restaking 0.001 ETH yields 10 Totems per day, 0.1 ETH yields 100 Totems per day, and 1 ETH yields 1,000 Totems per day.

How can I calculate the total number of Totems I can earn?

The total amount of Totems you can win is calculated by multiplying the daily number of Totems by the number of days you've staked on InceptionLRT. For example, if you stake one ETH for ten days, you will receive 10,000 Totems.

Is there a cap on the number of Totems I can earn?

Yes, each user can earn a maximum of one billion Totems.

Where can I see my Totems?

You can access your Totems through the Dashboard used to restake your assets.

Can I Transfer my Totems to another User?

No, you’re not able to transfer Totems to another user.

Can I lose my Totems?

Totems can't be lost. If you unstake all of your assets, your Totem accrual will simply end.

How Long does it take for new deposits to reflect in my Totem Balance?

For new users who have recently restaked with InceptionLRT, the points may take 15 minutes to a couple of hours to show up on your Dashboard.

Where Can I find all Totem Boosts?

Users can access the Defi Integrations section on the Documentation for detailed information on point boosts for every Integration.

> Defi Integrations

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