Overview of Inception Totems

Inception Totems are an important feature of the Inception Reward system, aiming to deliver tangible benefits to users who actively participate in the platform.

Users can accumulate Totems in different ways within the ecosystem, and these can then be used to gain access to exclusive airdrops and additional incentives

Purpose of Totems

Totems are reward points that represent a user’s participation and involvement with the InceptionLRT protocol. They are obtained by Restaking and participating in ongoing campaigns that contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

This section further outlines how Totems can be acquired and used in the platform.

How to Earn Totems:

  • Restaking through InceptionLRT

  • Liquidity Provision through Defi Integrations: Engaging with our Defi partner platforms enables users to contribute to liquidity and earn Totem Multipliers as part of ongoing Campaigns

  • Referral Program: Our referral program offers additional Totem Reward boosters (See the Referral Program section for more details)

There is no minimum amount required; any restaked ETH will earn Totems. For new users who have recently deposited, it may take 15 minutes to a few hours for the points to show up.

As a result of new integrations and use cases within the DeFi space, users will be able to get Inception Totems by interacting with certain protocols.

Calculating Totems:

The daily and total quantity of Totems you can earn depends on the amount you Restake in ETH:

  • 0.001 ETH will yield 10 Totems per day.

  • 0.1 ETH — 100 Totems per day.

  • 1 ETH — 1,000 Totems per day.

The number of daily Totems received is, as a result, calculated as follows:

Daily Totems = Amount of ETH staked x 1,000

The total number of totems received by users is dependent on the number of days staking with InceptionLRT

Total Number of Totems = Daily Totems x Number of Days

The maximum number of Totems a user can earn is capped at 1 billion

Where will my Totems Appear?

You may access your Totems through the Dashboard that you used to stake your assets.

Is it Possible to Transfer or Even Lose my Totems?

Totems cannot be transferred or lost. The worst-case scenario is that Totem accrual stops if you unstake all of your assets.

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