We plan to release InceptionLRT on Ethereum and gradually expand to other Layer 2 chains while integrating multiple DeFi Protocols.

Q2–Q3 2023: Project MVP

  • Pre-seed funding and initial project development.

  • Focus on MVP Creation.

Q4 2023: Seed Round and Testnet Deployment

  • Seed Funding round and key audits.

  • Deployment of inrETH and instETH on Testnet.

  • UX/UI enhancements and selection of node operators / AVS.

Q1 2024: Private Round and Mainnet Launch

  • Private funding round to cover operational expenses and expansion.

  • Mainnet launch, focusing on ING Governance Token and development of key features.

  • L2 deployment and new LST integrations.

  • First AVS testing.

Q2 2024: Token Generation Event and Omni-chain LRT

  • Token Generation Event. (end of Q2/early Q3)

  • Omni-chain bridge development, auto-compounding features, and LST integration.

  • Expansion to new Layer2s.

  • AVS Testnet integration.

  • AVS Reward system and Strategy manager MVP.

  • Strategic Partnership with GenesisLRT to offer Native restaking

Q3–Q4 2024: AVS and Strategy Manager Mainnet

  • Development of Omni-chain LRT and rNFT marketplace.

  • Expansion to new Layer2s.

  • Continuous research and integration efforts.

  • AVS reward distribution Mainnet.

  • Strategy Manager Mainnet.

Q1 2025: Continued Growth and Innovation

  • Focus on further expansion, integration, and innovation based on project needs and market trends.

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