InceptionLRT v2 is a pioneering DeFi platform that provides a full solution for liquid restaking. InceptionLRT v2 is designed to streamline and improve the restaking process by combining Isolated and Native Liquid Restaking, a diverse array of Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs), and cutting-edge blockchain technology, resulting in a robust ecosystem targeted for today's Defi users.

Key Features

Dual Restaking Methods and Comprehensive LRT Access

  • InceptionLRT v2 includes both isolated and native liquid restaking options, making it a versatile platform able to meet a variety of restaking demands. This dual-mode functionality allows users to choose the best restaking path based on their risk tolerance and financial objectives.

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Boosted Rewards Structure

  • The platform includes an elaborate reward structure that goes beyond standard restaking rewards. By combining EigenLayer Points and Totems, InceptionLRT considerably increases yield potential within the EigenLayer ecosystem, making it a profitable option for players looking to optimize their returns.

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Decentralized Governance

  • InceptionLRT v2 prioritizes community participation through governance, particularly in the selection of node operators. This decentralized approach not only promotes a more secure and user-focused development trajectory, but it also improves the protocol's overall decentralization.

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DVT Integration with Tier-1 Node Operators

  • InceptionLRT reduces the risk of slashing and downtime by employing Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) and partnering with industry-leading SSV network node operators. This integration demonstrates the platform's dedication to maintaining the highest security and reliability standards.

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Defi Integrations

  • The InceptionLRT platform is compatible with a wide range of Defi services across diverse market segments. These integrations improve user experience by offering greater flexibility, efficiency, and access to a wide range of Defi Protocols.

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Omnichain Functionality

  • InceptionLRT includes an xERC20-standard bridge that enables the seamless restaking of ETH or LSTs between different blockchain layers. This omnichain feature not only minimizes transaction friction but also improves the user experience by supporting a wide range of blockchain environments.

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Flash Unstake for Immediate Liquidity (Cooming Soon)

  • The protocol contains a Flash Unstake module, which allows for quick access to assets and provides a premier liquidity solution in the Eigenlayer ecosystem. This functionality is particularly useful for restakers that require instant liquidity, mitigating EigenLayer's 7-day unbounding period.

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Restaking Insurance (Cooming Soon)

  • Inception is developing a staking insurance mechanism that will cover 25% to 50% of the user’s stake, offering financial protection against risks such as slashing events. The optional insurance pool increases security investors’ staked positions, addressing the need for additional safeguards in the unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

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NFT Marketplace (coming soon)

  • Inception plans to launch an NFT Marketplace designed to better the non-custodial restaking experience. This feature enables both individual and small validators to participate in our Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) by purchasing Restaking NFTs. The marketplace not only provides customizable liquid restaking possibilities via InceptionLRTs, but it also supports validators seeking to join the Inception ecosystem, which benefits all users.

Tailored Investment Experience (Coming Soon)

  • Inception will offer a Tailored Investment Experience, allowing users to tailor their yield strategy. By handpicking the best Actively Validated Services (AVSs), users can align their investments with their risk profiles, whether they prefer greater risks for potentially higher returns or safer, more conservative approaches.

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